Our environmental approach

We attach great importance to sustainable development in the management of our house. With this in mind, we manage it in such a way as to reduce its impact on the environment as much as possible. Here are some examples of the measures we have put in place:



Use of more environmentally friendly products: 


 All our cleaning products are ecological or Eco label certified

 The subcontracted laundry for cleaning the sheets also uses Eco label detergent

 Our toilet paper is recycled and Eco label.


Energy management:


 Our cottage is classified as very low consumption

 The materials used in the construction are noble, durable and respect environmental standards

 The work was carried out by local companies in order to limit the carbon impact

 We only use very energy efficient LED bulbs

 Taps and sanitary facilities are equipped with water savers

 Ground floor heating and hot water are produced by a heat pump system

 The inertia radiators in the rooms regulate the temperature automatically according to the presence in the room

 The temperature is automatically set to 19°C during the day and for maximum sleeping comfort at 17°C at night

 The swimming pool is naturally heated by the swimming pool enclosure to the greenhouse effect phenomenon.


Waste management and selective sorting:


 All our shower rooms are equipped with large volume shampoo/shower gel, in order to limit small individual packaging and therefore our waste. Doliderm Paris products are part of an eco-responsible approach, convinced that well-being must first begin with respect for people and nature.

 We have set up a selective sorting and composting system for the recovery of our waste

 We limit the documents made available through our website and our digital selection, Just enjoy!


We invite you to participate in our approach by simple and non-binding gestures:

 Turn off the heating if you open a window

 Close the pool enclosure to preserve the heat and prevent small animals from drowning

 Turn off lights and TV when leaving a room

 Rational use of water in shower rooms

 Flush a half flush when you don't need more

 Leave only towels on the floor that need to be washed

 Notify us of any water leaks.


If you have any questions or comments for us regarding the practices we implement, please do not hesitate to contact us at reservation@helloflats.fr


Thank you for contributing with us to the protection of the environment!